Menjaga Asa Di Negeri Timah

Menjaga Asa Di Negeri Timah

MENJAGA ASA DI NEGERI TIMAH Known as their tin mines, tin mining in Bangka Belitung has been exploited for more than decades. Bangka Belitung is the second largest tin producer in the world. The mining activities has helped increases the wealth of local miners, but on the other hand it decreases the environmental stability and contaminated the land. The local government are trying to encourage people to work in tourism industries, or even agriculture. An approaching need to be applied in environmental planning to recover ex-mining sites. Nowadays, there are few private sectores who are working on strategic approachment for developing beach recreational site, eco-park, a new landscape ex-mining development based on sustainability and local wisdom.

"We are honored and humbled to have won as Second Winner of GIPI Awards 2018 held by GIPI Bangka Belitung Islands!"

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