A 3,726 Meters Epic Volcano Hike : Rinjani Mountain

Getting There 

Mount Rinjani is an active volcano and stated as the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Mount Rinjani located on a small island next to Bali, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. There are few ways to get to Lombok. The easiest way is to fly directly to Lombok International Airport, and then taking a long drive to the Sembalun Region. This drive takes about 2.5 – 3 hours, going through Mataram and circling half the island before finally getting to Rinjani. It features stunning scenery of Mount Rinjani with tons of wild monkeys on the side of the road.

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If you’re travelling from Bali, Lombok Island is just a ferry ride away from Bali. Everyone has heard of Bali, but only few people know of the hidden treasure just a little east of it.


May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.

Edward Abbey

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Trekking Route : Senaru or Sembalun? 

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Most trekking routes in Rinjani offers 2 routes up:

  • Sembalun Lawang – Plawangan Crater Rim – Summit – Segara Anak Lake – Senaru
  • Senaru Village – Crater Lake Segara Anak – Plawangan Crater Rim – Summit – Sembalun Lawang

If you only have 2D1N, then you would be going via Sembalun, which features an easier climb (mostly flat) through the grasslands to the base of the summit. The downside is that you would be walking under the sun the entire time. 2D1N for Rinjani is quite hard and we wouldn’t recommended it. You’d be very rushed, also you’ll have to do a lot of climbing to the summit on the second day.

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3D2N, which is the most recommended itineraries, then you don’t have to worry about choosing as you would be hitting both sides anyway. However, if you are wondering whether to start from Sembalun or Senaru, it probably comes down to when you want to summit. If you want to summit earlier in the trip, then choose Sembalun. If not, then choose Senaru.


What you need to pack

While you are trekking to Rinjani, just take only what you need, travel as light as possible as most of the food, water and trekking equipments is carry by the porters, Porters only carry all the logistic and equipment so you need to bring your own stuff/luggages.

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If you decide to climb the Rinjani by yourself here is a pack list:

  • Enough clean water supplies. There are water sources on the top of the rim and at the hot springs.
  • Enough food, and cooking equipments.
  • Tent, flysheet, mattress, sleeping bag, and camping gears.
  • Other things: Head torch, army knife, stove, cups, tea, coffee, etc. (you can rent a lot of camping gear at Sembalun / Senaru)
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Personal Gears 

  • A good sturdy backpack is a must – a backpack with proper back support is crucial! If you’re beginners you can consider to use  Osprey Atmos AG™ . It has suspension system that delivers outstanding ventilation and carrying comfort.
  • Proper trekking/hiking shoes –  If you don’t have proper hiking shoes, then pick a pair with good treads and cushion.
  • Raincoat – pouring rain is common in Rinjani.
  • Trekking pole – especially if you’re planning to summit, do NOT underestimate the power of a walking stick.
  • Toiletries – Personal medicines , insect repellent, plaster/band-Aids
  • Proper clothes – a basic cotton shirt, leggings, short, clothes for sleeping, etc.
  • Headlamp – or any source of light for your tent and if you’re going to summit you’ll leave the camp around 2am, you’ll really need a head lamp.


Why Rinjani?

  • Hiking Mount Rinjani makes you have to go through several different terrain, ranging from tropical forest, savanna grass, pebbly ground, prolonged steep climb, to loose stones! And also beautiful stunning view along the track! 
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  • You’ll need to visit Segara Anak Lake.  Segara Anak is a crater lake contained within Mount Rinjani on the island of Lombok in Indonesia. Here you can swim and fishing. The warm water able to soothing the aching legs and body muscles.
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  • The most beautiful summit you’ll ever had. The panorama is exceptional. There is no word for it.
You can purchase our 4K footages of Rinjani at
  • One of the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia.
  • Reconnect to the nature.  John Muir called the wilderness a necessity. There is a sense of ease, peace and stillness in nature that you’d never be able to find anywhere else. 


Going to the mountains is going home.

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