Witnessing Nature’s Work Of Art : Mount Bromo

Have you ever found yourself realizing you’ve been cooking your retinas on the white glare of laptop and a never-ending rotation of office-work over a year and the lack of movement made your feet itch?

Your bank account didn’t support a trip, don’t worry. Sometimes a individual trip without a tour turns out might be your best choice to having a unforgettable yet affordable gateway.

Even though East Java is one of the largest regency in Java Island, the most popular tourist destinations are only a short drive from one another! For your reference to arrange your Bromo trip from Jakarta, we created this short guide that covers everything you need to know about Bromo.

Jakarta – Malang 

If you want to save on travel, you need to be flexible. Avoid peak-days & weekend, especially holiday season. The best way to reach Malang from Jakarta is by train or airline. But again, if you planning to travel on budget, be sure that you avoid weekend. Train ticket sometimes have the fixed prices on each class & category, but it sold really fast especially in the weekend and holiday season. It takes 13 – 16 hours to get to Malang from Jakarta, so if you decide to travel by train, prepare yourself from some busting boredom such as books and light snacks.

The fastest way, no doubt, is flying off from Jakarta to Malang for about 1,5 hours. You need to know the best time to buy flights. 

We usually use Traveloka Mobile App since Traveloka often offers special discounts on air-fare tickets.  If possible, book your flight after the 7th of every month, as booking is busier right after payday on the first and 15th.


Malang – Bromo

There are two ways to get to Mt. Bromo from Malang. First, you can stay overnight in Malang and leaving around 1am in the morning, or you can stay in Cemoro Lawang/Probolinggo area and leaving about 3 – 4am to the sunrise spot. Many tourist would prefer to stay in Malang, while there are some decent places to stay and definitely offers more options.

We stayed in Cemoro Lawang. Luckily we found a budget hotel in Jiwa Jawa Area, named Java Go Pagupon . If you ever heard of Jazz Gunung , then the hotel located in the venue of Jazz Gunung area. There is 2 type room in Pagupon Lodge, they are: Dara Room (sharing bathroom) and Merpati Room. We stayed in Dara Room with 2 mattress bed and sharing bathroom. It’s more like a lodge, and I love the view I have just in front of my window. Beautiful scenery once you open your eyes, very idyllic.  Hot water was running well, which much appreciated in Bromo area. With the price and all the facilities we received, we really had a good deal, because it’s really touristic in Bromo.


How much it cost to rent a jeep? 

Usually, they will offer you two different tour options. The short tour, which the jeep will take you to viewpoint sunrise spot and climb to the crater of Mount Bromo, and the long tour , that will take you also to Savanna Hill & Whispering Sands. The Jeep can fit up to 6 people and it will cost you IDR500,000 for short tour, and IDR700,000 for long tour. Sometimes in the high season/holiday season, the price might be increase due to high demand. It’s around IDR650,000 for short tour, and IDR850,000 for long tour.

We rented a Jeep along with the driver, named Glendem to explore Bromo and Malang surroundings for 5 days. We had very pleasant journey with him,  and also it’s quite value for money. If you need any transportation during your trip to Bromo and Malang, we suggest you to contact him for further information …

Entrance Fee : Mount Bromo

The major entrance gate is from Cemoro Lawang. The village of Ngadisari becomes the marks for entrance the Bromo – Tengger – Semeru National Park. For Indonesians / domestic tourists  the price for entrance to the national park is IDR27,500 per person, and IDR10,000 for four-wheels vehicle. For foreigners there are two price prices; On weekdays the  is IDR217,500, and on the weekends is IDR317,500.


Sunrise Spots : Where’s the best place to catch Sunrise

Penanjakan 1 is the most favourite spot for viewing Bromo Sunrise, it can be accessed using the rental Jeep or Motorcycle. You should walk for a while to find the best place for waiting the sunrise because lot of people are flashing-away with their camera, or torch-lights. However, this waiting time is worth it because there will be spectacular view of the sun which rises behind the beautiful view of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, and Mount Semeru.

If you’re looking for the best spot to catch a sunrise in less mainstream way,  head over to Kingkong Hill or Love Hill in Wonokitri village, East Java. Both hills are located side by side, the Kingkong hill, however, has an uphill route.

King Kong Hill & Love Hill are around 2,500 meters above sea level and it’s lower than Penanjakan 1 area. From both Kingkong Hill & Love Hill, visitors can also see the view of Bromo caldera, Mount Semeru and city views of Probolinggo and Pasuruan. The spots aren’t as crowded as the Pananjakan 1. King Kong Hill & Love Hill might be your best alternative to catch the sunrise without stumbling through many people and crowd.


After Sunrise, what now?

Bromo Crater

From sunrise spot, the jeep will take you to  the famous Bromo crater. The jeep will drop you off on the dusty valley floor & parking area where you can grab any breakfast/snacks before hiking up to the crater.  To reach the top of the crater you have to climb a steep ascension of  245 stairs.

It’s a bit of a hassle as you have to walk them alongside hundreds of others but the challenge is worth it, however, as the experience and the views are truly worth the climb. The descent is much easier as from the top of the crater, you can head down to the plain quickly by going down the sandy slope.


The Whispering Sands

Indonesian known as Pasir Berbisik , is setting is a large “sea of sand” in the middle of the caldera in which Mt. Batok & Bromo Crater are also located. Apparently, the area received its name due to an Indonesian film that was partially filmed there, named “Pasir Berbisik”.  The area is actually quite beautiful and great spot to take some photographs.


Bromo Savannah 

Located across the Sea of Sand on the southern side of the mountain, you can marvel at the vast savanna and take in the natural tranquility of offered by the location. It’s a very pretty location and it is neat seeing the clouds roll by right in front of you. Lie down, relax, and enjoy the nature around you on your own or with your loved ones.

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